140215 Mobility WOD

Sorry folks, no mobility WOD after the Team WOD today.

I’m battling a nasty bought of the flu AND Pink-eye, so I’m pretty sure no one wants me at the gym right now.

I would hope after today’s WOD everyone spends a lil bit of time reviewing all of the mobility we did this week, and maybe even work through some of the movements. Remember, mobility is a skill just like anything else we do in CrossFit. You won’t get better at it, become more proficient doing it and see any results unless you continually work on it.

Consider mobility one of the many ‘goats’ you have in CrossFit.

Week in review:

140209: SHOULDERS -Pull up hang, PVC pipe

140210: HIPS- working on the bottom position of the squat

140211: WRISTS – front rack position. using the bands and hands on the floor

140212: ELBOWS – front rack position. using the band behind your neck

140213: ELBOWS- using the bar to work out the common triceps tendon on the posterior elbow

140214: HIPS- using the stretchband and staying in one place.