140223 Mobility WOD

All things weightlifting. Short and sweet today. Working on the hips and the shoulders.

For the shoulders, grab our friend the PVC pipe. Perform Shoulder Dislocates (really dislike that description, but it’s fitting) for 2 min total time. Do not whip your arms behind you violently. Nice and slow  from your hip in front to your hip  above the crease of your butt. During the movement keep your elbows locked. If you can,inch your grip closer together and the more of a stretch you will get.

This is a great lead-in to the weightlifting warm-up that we traditionally do (sometimes called the Burgener warm-up)

And for the hips I’d like you to watch this next video in it’s entirety (although the last mobility piece is an ankle stretch, but please feel free to give that a try as well). The first hip stretch is called the wall squat. It mimics how you should perform your squat with correct form without the pressure on your spine. We’ll begin to use this stretch A LOT. You want to keep your back flat on the ground while edging your feet closer and closer to your butt. Utilize your elbows to help passively stretch those knees out. Once again mimicking what you should be doing during your squat.

The other stretch demonstrated is the lunge stretch. We’ll begin using this one more as well. It’s the watered-down version of the couch stretch. When performing the lunge stretch be sure to really take a big step, with an upright torso start to lean to the left and right while ‘lunging’ forward. You can ‘hunt’ around for your problem areas throughout your groin area. (This is called working the corners)