140224 Mobility WOD

As we progress through our mobility adventures my blog posts will get shorter and shorter, requiring less and less explanation and I’ll simply just list the exercises prescribed for the day’s mobility.

I have some plans in the works to start producing our own videos demos for mobility, so stay tuned.

Of course Monday is squat day. So lets get comfortable in the bottom.

I want you to work on your bottom position of your squat. I told you we’d be seeing this mobility a lot more. I want you to spend 2-3 minutes working on your wall squat. Here’s the video for you viewing pleasure again:

After you’ve spent some time in the bottom position spend the last 2-3 minutes stretching out your heel cord. Do the traditional triangle formation stretch:

You’ll notice the hands are on the wall. I want you to take a decent step behind you and maintain that back foot’s heel on the ground at all times. As you stretch the heel you’re going to bend that back legs knee causing a stretch to the lower part of your calf.

The way to stretch properly is to lean your abdomen and your hips toward the wall, not your  chest. This one may be difficult to understand, it’s ok if you don’t get it the first time it takes practice.

Lastly is a video discussing the bottom squat position and how attainable it really is:

You’ll notice this particular video has a very large man maintaining a beautiful bottom squat position. That particular guy is Donnie Thompson, a world renowned power lifter who has a 1,265 lbs back squat on record. Not a small guy by any means, and just look at his form. Check out this link for his bio: https://www.atlargenutrition.com/athletes/donnie-thompson

If a guy that size can do it, anyone can. I can only imagine  the amount of work he put in to get his body mobile enough to attain that position. Efficiency of movement at its best.