140302 Mobility WOD

Sunday fun-day!

Open gym and some weightlifting followed by those of making another attempt at 14.1 A lot going on.

I would encourage you to review any of the mobs that we’ve gone over through the week, especially working on the hips. I noticed a lot of members having difficulty with my ‘barbell on the thigh squat’ mobility yesterday. I’d try and work on that mob.. as well as that wall squat. For those of you who made it to the Team WOD, we worked on the wall squat (again) and added some passive assistance from a partner.

I think you can figure out how important this stretch is becoming. Here is the video again:

Key points to consider with the wall squat mob:

  • butt is flush against the upright wall
  • during the stretch you want to push your lower back flush against the floor
  • slowly edge your heels towards your butt
  • keep your heels shoulder width apart (approximately the width of your stance during your squat)
  • use your elbows to passively stretch and push your knees out

I’d say keeping your back flush against the floor is probably the most important concept with this mob.

After you’ve spent a couple minutes there I want you to work on elbow and wrist mobility concerning your front rack position. Watch the following video (skip to 2:05 time mark):

Of course you’ll have to use one of our boxes instead of a bench. Here are the key concepts:

  • the wider your grip, the harder it gets
  • the closer your elbows are, the harder it gets
  • rest your elbows on the stationary surface and then lean down – trying to ‘push your armpits to the floor’ (your arms will end up behind your ears)

Good luck to all our athletes completing 14.1!!!