140303 Mobility WOD

We’re working on our calves. This past weekend as well as Friday afternoon/evening, many of us were practicing the calf stretch but didn’t seem to grasp the finer points of the stretch. Here is a video explaining the finer points of this 2-part calf stretch:

Key concepts:

  • place as much of your foot as possible on the wall. The higher up the wall the better. Try to get the middle of your foot in contact with the wall
  • lock the knee – maintain a straight leg
  • lean into the wall with your entire hip girdle (leaning into the wall with just your chest, shoulders or belly is not enough)
  • Part 2: repeat all the above tips except now perform the stretch with a bent knee. Do not move your foot off of the wall, maintain the same position of your foot – and bend your knee

A couple things to keep in mind. When you first try this stretch, you will barely be able to get your toes or the ball of your foot on the wall. While the goal is to get the middle of your foot in contact with the wall, many will not be able to accomplish that position at first due to tight calves.

Leaning your HIP into the wall is probably the most important thing to remember.