140304 Mobility WOD

14.1 is in the books. I want to congratulate everyone who participated in the first open workout of 2014. It was a brutal lung burner and definitely challenged those of you who are not very efficient with your double-unders. I saw a lot of amazing efforts and some pretty awesome accomplishments.

I’d like to recognize all our athletes who have been participating in the competitors class these past weeks. Watching them perform 14.1 showed just how much hard work they have put in. Congrats gang.

On to the next one.

Today I want you to work on you hamstrings. While most of our time is dedicated to mobility and dynamic work, I’d like you to spend some time doing static hamstring stretches. I find there is great utility in  static stretches

(Dynamic stretch is putting your body through full ranges of motion while moving. Static stretch is performing full ranges of motion while stationary)

I will caution you to warm a just a couple minutes before you do any static stretches. Don’t stretch cold. A warm muscle is a safe muscle. If you need to warm-up, work on your double-unders for 2 minutes, pefform jumping jacks or burpees for a sustained 60-90 seconds. Do something that makes you sweat or at least raises your body temp.

Static hamstring stretch is fairly simple. You’re garden variety straight legged toe touches. Find a position and hold it for 15-20 seconds, release, recover and repeat. Each time you stretch try and reach longer gaining more range of motion. Always attempt to bring your chest to your knee, not simply leaning forward (resist the temptation to round your back)

Whatever you do. Not under any circumstance should you bounce. Bouncing is bad. Always. Bouncing is counter-productive to increasing flexibility.

You can add a mixed element to this stretch by propping your foot onto a box, or some other elevated surface and try to touch your toe (one at a time). If you choose to prop up your foot, please be sure to attempt to bring your chest to your knee. You want to avoid rounding your back. (There is nothing in CrossFit that we do, where you are rounding your back – EVER).

Static stretch hamstring hold. 2 minutes each leg.