140306 Mobility WOD

Spend 2 minutes a side working on your hips. I’ve dubbed this stretch the ‘Box Lunge’: (watch the first 3 minutes)

Key concepts:

  • Use a box (instead of the ottoman) that is a safe height to maintain balance throughout the stretch
  • Do exactly what the name describes, lunge one leg up onto the box and stretch forward
  • lean into the box with the hip of the leg that is on the ground
  • root around and hunt for tight spots in a circular motion – there is no wrong angle of approach
  • Feel free to move your foot farther away from you to the edge of the box for a better stretch

I would invite you to watch the whole video and work on the pigeon pose stretch using the box as well (it may look familiar – we’ve done it before)

Are you ready for 14.2???