140308 Mobility WOD

14.2 is in full effect, if you are planning on doing it over this weekend, I highly recommend you go back to yesterday’s mobility and view the included videos.

Unfortunately no formal mobility WOD after the Team WOD, I’ll be at work all weekend. Please be sure to focus on a dynamic warm-up for the Team WOD. Take some time to work on warming up your hips and shoulders at the very least.

I revert to our friend the ‘wall squat’. I told you this mob would become a staple at FBO. Get those hips opened up. For your shoulders get a hold of that PVC pipe, and work on dislocates as well as behind the back internal rotation (making an attempt to touch your opposite shoulder blade behind your back.

I’ve also included some 14.2 prep videos you may want to look at:

Have fun gang!!