140311 Mobility WOD

A very big congratulations to everyone who battled through 14.2, especially those of you who repeated it!!! As an innocent bystander, I saw how that workout snuck up on  ya. Kudos gang.

I also noticed that those of you who DID repeat the WOD, approached it methodically. You had a plan, you developed a strategy, no matter how simple and singular it was. I was so proud (and excited) to watch that unfold. In almost every case, the repeat performance was an improvement. Once again congrats. I think we can all agree, having a strategy is a key element. On to the next, right?

Today’s mobility piece is really just me on my soap box (sorry, your probably getting really tired of me on my soap box).

I’m coming across a particular scenario more and more now. An athlete does a quick mobility session with me, or another coach, and instantaneously moves better, feels better and performs better. Magically they can lift more weight, perform an exercise they could never do prior, or they shave seconds/minutes off a benchmark WOD time. In every case, addressing some small mobility issue produces some pretty significant results.

Remember, mobility is a skill, just like many skills needed in the world of CrossFit. The only way a skill is mastered, the only way a skill is improved upon is  with practice. You wouldn’t expect to increase your back squat if you only did that movement once a month would you? If you practice double-unders only a fraction of time prior to a workout that calls for them, how are you to get better at doing them?

You have to practice.

Same concept applies with mobility. It has to become repetitive. My goal for anyone is to perform mobility 3 times a week at the very least, ideally up to 5 or 6 times a week. That is excluding any sort of workout you may or may not do. AND you only need to spend 5-10 minutes a day.

Regardless of the time devoted, you need to make the time. Period. Start now, and make some type of mobility a habit.

Today’s video is simply for entertainment purposes. Remember the infamous ‘couch stretch’ that we do to stretch and mobilize our anterior hip flexors? Well it seems that you can even do the couch stretch in the middle of an airport. Enjoy: