140312 Mobility WOD

Today’s challenge is nothing new. I’m simply providing a more detailed video for you to watch regarding your shoulder extension as well your hip flexion. The included video talks about doing the following mobs for your overhead squat, but these mobs can be used  for anything that is overhead (overhead squat, jerk, push press, etc) as well as anything that involves you squatting below parallel (squat,  clean, snatch, wallballs, box jumps, etc).

Key points for the shoulder mob:

  • wind your shoulder up
  • keep your elbow (arm) as close to your ear as possible
  • notice that the goal is to get your arm past your ear (head through the window)

Key points for the hip mob:

  • don’t be afraid to root around in multiple positions of your hips and your torso
  • turn your body in all directions
  • really exaggerate that back foot as far back as possible
  • lean into the stretch like your doing a lunge

Work on those junky bits that are bothering the next few days before the next open WOD is released!!