140406 Mobility WOD

I thought we would veer off the beaten path for today’s post. No new mobility movements today. We all know that today is open gym and/or putting your hands on a barbell. 2 months into this mobility adventure I hope you’ve acquired a few skills and mobility exercises to help prep you for the workout you’ll be performing today.

My side-step today is about skill transfer. Anyone think there is commonality between (Olympic) weightlifting and double-unders?

It’s amazing how the following position pearls translate into both those movements:

  • tight midline
  • upright torso
  • breaking at the hip causing loss of power
  • lack of hip extension causing missed attempts
  • shortened hip extension causing a failed attempt
  • position of hands in relation to your torso
  • internal and external rotation of shoulders

Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent. Practice how you want to perform.