140408 Mobility WOD

Moving along with our 3 ‘core’ mWOD’s. Today’s WOD has Cleans, so we’ll introduce the ‘Front Rack mWOD’. Just a reminder the Front Rack mWOD will work on the following:

Front Rack mWOD (elbows, thoracic spine, shoulder girdle)

  • Front Squat
  • Clean
  • Clean & Jerk
  • Muscle-up
  • Row

So here are the 3 mobility movements for the Front Rack mWOD:

PVC external rotations: (these are NOT shoulder dislocates)

Stretch Band external rotation: (start at 3:30)

  • please pay attention to the location of the band (it’s between your hand and your ear)
  • use opposite hand  to pull elbow into ear
  • side-step towards the shoulder not being mobilized

Stretch band elbow behind ear: (start at 3:55)

  • goal is to get your elbow to go behind your ear
  • you’ll notice the band is attached to a stationary object at waist level. If you’re not near the pull-up rig, you can simply loop the stretch band on your foot (same side). Just step on the band and then wind up your shoulder