140209 Mobility WOD

Alright. For those who will be attending Open Gym / Weightlifting class. Here’s your mobility homework. Watch the above video. No, I don’t want you to attempt skin the cat. I do want you to pay attention to the pearls given. Your homework is to work some of the mobility suggested at the end of the video, around min 4:30.

Get the PVC pipe out and try some of these end ranges. See how much movement range you have. Do you have any pain? Do you have any limitations?

After you’ve worked the PVC for 3 min or so I want you to hang from the pull-up bar. Nothing more. I just want you to get into the pull up position on the pull-up bar and hang. Start with both hands in proper position and simply relax the shoulders. No need to have ‘active shoulders’ for this. I just want you to get a general stretch of your shoulders, your lats and your upper arms.

No swinging, just dead hang.

After you ‘hang out’ there for 2 min, I want you to ‘hang out’ some more but one hand at a time. Same concept. No spinning, no swinging. Just hang there. Feel the stretch from your shoulder joint out through the side of your rib cage and around your upper arms.

Nothing more, nothing less. Just want you to get used to ‘hanging out’.

Keep in mind, none of this should cause you ‘pain’. Know the difference between and ache or a ‘stretch’ and sharp ‘knife-like’ pain. As an athlete learn to listen to your body, and learn to differentiate between good pain (I use that term loosely) and bad pain.

Are you hurt? Or are you injured?