Mobility and CrossFit FBO/212 Degrees of Fitness

I want to thank the CrossFit FBO coaching staff for giving me the opportunity to work as your Mobility Coach. I’m excited . Our community and our gym is growing. In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve seen so many new faces. Since I’m sure there are plenty of our athletes I have not met (from the early 5am or 6am crew), I thought I’d start off by briefly introducing myself, since some of you probably have no idea who the heck is ‘Supple Sean’?

I’m new to the Erie area, my wife and I moved here the beginning of last summer for a job opportunity. I’m currently an Acute Care Nurse Pracitioner, but prior to that I spent 10+ years as a Certified Athletic Trainer. I worked mostly with high school athletes. I’m still considered a CrossFit youngling, I’ve only been doing CrossFit for 2+ years. Up until I stepped through the doors of FBO, everything I learned was self-taught and I did CrossFit at my local globo-gym (it wasn’t pretty).

I realized early on in my CrossFit adventures, that I moved horribly. I mean horribly. I can remember not being able to hold an empty bar in the front rack position because my wrists hurt too bad. This domino effect continued with all the other barbell movements in CrossFit, I couldn’t do any of them right because I couldn’t move properly, nor could I get into the proper positions. My mobility was non-existent.

I then spent an exhaustive amount of time researching and learning about proper positions, proper movement and eventually the golden ticket of mobility by the Mobility ‘God Father’ Kelly Starrett (the original Supple Leopard). His direction, writings and teachings would help influence and shape any and everything I’ve learned up to this point when it comes to proper human movement and how it applies to our CrossFit.
I’ve come to discover that all the mobility and movement pearls that we utilize in CrossFit translate into our everyday lives. Which is why I’m so passionate (and maybe obsessive) about proper human movement, ergo Mobility.

We all have Mobility ‘issues’. That one (or multiple) joint that just doesn’t move well. Those joints that hinder your performance. We all have ‘junky tissue’. And just like every single skill performed in CrossFit, Mobility is a skill. The only way you can improve a skill is by practice. Repetition. Perfect practice = perfect performance. We’re going to start practicing Mobility as often as possible.

My hope and my goal as your Mobility coach is to give you some of the most basic tools to help you move better. I want to help you help yourself. I can promise you I’ll do my best to improve your movements patterns and maybe even improve some mobility. The really awesome thing about improving your movement patterns and improving your mobilty is that it translates into more efficient exercise movement patterns, which parallels every single movement you perform in CrossFit. Better mobility = more efficient movement = higher function =  productive total power output = improved general physical preparedness (which is what CrossFit is all about), and ultimately as a supple leopard you’ll stop ‘bleeding performance’.

I’m a bit obesessive about all this Mobility stuff, so I’l try my best not to overwhelm you and brow beat you with too much information too fast. We’ll continue doing the Saturday Mobility WOD’s after the team WODs (when I’m able to be there). I’m told many appreciate the class-oriented mobility sessions. Once I get a better sense of the  tempo of the daily WODs, I’ll also make every attempt to give you one daily mobility piece you can work on that will assist you in that day’s movement needs.

I’m always available. If you have an ‘issue’ or a mobility question please feel free to ask for help. If I’m not at the gym, let one of the coach’s know and they can pass it on to me. I’m also on Facebook, drop me a message or post it to our Community page.

I’m excited to see where we can take this FBO community. Anyone have any requests?