140210 Mobility WOD

Squattin’ and Babies.

That’s the subject at hand. I’ll bet your asking what does Squatting and Babies have to do with one another??

via http://www.myfitclinic.com/2011/11/20/the-proper-squat-technique/

Look at that beautiful squat form. How is it that a toddler needs no instruction on proper squatting technique, but as adults we’re a hot mess? How many of us still have a hard time gaining full depth and getting below parallel when performing an air squat? Are your heels maintaining contact with the ground at all times? Is your chest up? Does your hip crease go below parallel and pass the level of your knee joint? How’s your back look – is it flat? Or is your back rounded? Are your shoulders behind the plane of your knees? Or are your shoulders falling in front of your knees?

Remember when I said the fundamentals of CrossFit apply to our everyday lives?

While I’m sure the coaches at FBO will harp on you about your squatting form while your within the walls of the gym, how does your form look when your picking up something off the ground outside of the gym?

Your movement patterns are a result of repetition. What do you repeatedly do? Is proper squat form a challenge because it’s not what you repeatedly do?

Today’s mWOD is to go through your mental checklist when performing a squat. Do you look like my redheaded toddler friend depicted above? If you answered no for any reason, what are you missing? And the better question you should be asking, is why is it missing from your squat?

Today is a lovely primer to get you thinking about the 10 minute squat test. We’ll be talking more and more about my friend the ’10 minute squat test’. Stay tuned.