140214 Mobility WOD

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Today’s WOD has rowing and thrusters. It involves a lot of the hips, so how about we help mobilize them? We often forget how much we use our hips during the row, let alone during the dreaded thruster. Each movement requires a great deal of power generated from the hips, so it’s safe to say a mobilized hip is a powerful one. Who doesn’t like a lil’ mechanical advantage?

I love this mob for many reasons. You get to mobilize the hip from different angles, you’ll do 3 mobilizations all in the same spot on the floor, and all 3 mobs require the same single piece of equipment. The entire video has a lot of great info, but you can fast forward to the 2:00 min mark to get straight to the mobs. This gets the lateral, medial and anterior hip in very little time.

Did you notice the ‘test, re-test’? How the hip she mobilized attained a greater position with very little effort?

When doing this mob apply as much tension as needed with the band. You can always take a step away or towards the band to increase or decrease the amount of tension on the band.