140226 Mobility WOD

I want you to start thinking about your own mobility in terms of the movement required. Every WOD is going to have that ‘one exercise’ that you dread (or more than one) that you know you suck at (in CrossFit they can be referred to your goat. Your ‘goat’ is anything you suck at. Period). It’s that movement that stresses a specific area of your body.

For instance, most beginners will have wrist pain when learning and performing the cleans. Today’s WOD involves the following movements:

  • Cleans
  • Wall Balls
  • Burpees
  • Pullups

Which one of those movements causes you that type of stiff-jointed-mmobile pain? Do the cleans hurt your wrists? How is your air squat? Are you achieving full depth with no effort? Can you hold the bottom position of the squat for more than 5 minutes?

I want you to start systematically identifying those ‘problem’ areas that you know of (or have been told to work on by one of the coaches), and focus 5 minutes of your attention in that area.

If you don’t know what your problem areas are, ask one of the coaches to help you. I’ll be glad to help you.  The first step in moving better is taking ownership of your movement.

Today, spend 5 minutes on either your front rack position, or continue the theme this week and work on your wall squat exercise. Do you realize you need to achieve a good squat position in all but one of the movements listed in the WOD today?

One more day until 14.1 is released!!