140228 Mobility WOD

It’s go time folks!!! What do you think? 14.1 is 11.1 .

The WOD is:

10 min AMRAP
30 Double-unders
15 snatches 75lb (men)/55lb (women)

I don’t know about you, but this is traditional CrossFit. If I can offer you any advice on strategy, it would be pacing yourself. While 10 minutes seems like such a short period of time, you’ll definitely need to dial back the intensity initially to survive the whole AMRAP. Plan your rest periods. Know your weaknesses and strengths and use them as part of your attack.

Mobility will be key here, because you’re going to fatigue quickly.

This is the beautiful thing about being around CrossFit for a couple years, things get repeated . Luckily there was a prep video posted back in 2011 for the WOD, and 14.1 = 11.1. So without further adieu:

Ironically we’ve already practiced the demoed shoulder mobility. The hip mobility while new, is not difficult. I’d also add in the ‘wall squat’ we’ve been working on all week. The more you can open up your hips the better.

Here’s the thing about this workout, you need to have full range in your hips and your shoulders. If your hips don’t open up, you’ll start using your back to lift the bar and your back will fatigue after a round or two. If you don’t open up your shoulders, first of all you’ll get a ‘no rep’, but secondly your lower back will again suffer because you’ll have a breakdown in position where your shoulders will not  be over your hips and you’ll lean into the bar.

You need to take the extra time to work the corners of your hips and shoulders.

Here are some additional tips concerning each movement:


  • keep an upright torso
  • minimize the donkey kick (kicking your heels into your butt when jumping)
  • minimize the dolphin kick (breaking at the hip and leaning your head and toes forward)
  • save your shoulders from fatigue, keep you hands tight against your body. Don’t let your hands drift away or too far out in front


  • mobilize your entire lower chain
  • focus on opening your hips
  • maintain the same back angle from start to finish
  • mobilize your lower back
  • open up your shoulders with good external rotation (palms facing out)

The common denominator here is the fatigue of your grip, your shoulders and avoid using your back at all costs. This WOD is all about efficient movement, and not bleeding energy because of poor positions.

Here is the movement standards video for 14.1:

And to see how much CrossFit and the CrossFit Games Open has  grown, here is the movement standards from 11.1 (in 2011):