140310 Mobility WOD

Of course we need to talk about squats, it’s Monday! Today’s topic is about having a sold base when you’re in the bottom of your squat – that is when you are below parallel!!

The following video gives a great demonstration of what happens when the bottom of your squat is ‘soft’. At the very least, watch this entire video for the KStarr finale.


There are reasons the coaches repeat certain cues:

  • Knees out: we want you to track your knee either over your toes or on the outside of your toes. When your knees ‘bow’ in, you lose power and stability
  • Straight back / tight mid-line / chest up: all of these cues are trying to get you to engage your ‘core’ so that you are solid in the bottom
  • Squeeze your butt: self explanatory really. Abiding by the two previous cues, you’ll be engaging your glutes

Spend two minutes each leg working on the lateral glute stretch demonstrated in the video (use one of the boxes). This mobility is great for Squat Monday… AND a great primer for those repeating 14.2!!