140401 Mobility WOD

So. No mobility today. I’ve decided mobility just doesn’t work……………………………


I kid… I kid.

Today working on external rotation of the shoulder, which plays a huge part in the front rack position as well as almost everything overhead. Watch from about 3:40 – 4:20

Please pay attention to the set up. I’m noticing a lot of our athletes simple throwing their arm into the jump stretch band with no regard for proper positioning of their hand, elbow and shoulder. For this mob:

  • make sure the band is just past your elbow
  • the band should be on the inside of your shoulder between your hand and your head
  • using opposite hand, pull your elbow  that’s in the band close to your ear/head
  • side step and create tension on the band so that the band pulls your hand away from your  body

Take the time to learn this one, it’s going to crop up quite often.