140414 Mobility WOD

It’s squat Monday, so what else would we be doing. Working on our Squat mWOD:

The Squat mWOD:

  1. Wall Squat (2 min total)
  2. Couch Stretch (2 min total = 1 min per side)
  3. Heel cord Stretch (2 min total = 1 min per side)

I’ve included videos of each:

Wall Squat:

A familiar friend. Sitting with back on the floor and but flush against the wall. You know the rest.

Couch Sretch: (start watching at 2:20)

Also familiar. Top of foot against wall, knee on the floor…

And finally the Heel cord Stretch: (start watching at 3:15)

Do  this with knee straight and knee bent.

For each mWOD we do spend a couple minutes jumping rope prior to starting. A couple minutes only, 2-3 minutes of continuous jumping. No need to practice double-unders, jumping the rope is just to get the blood flowing, spike your heart rate a bit and warm up the joints. Nothing more.