140415 Mobility WOD

We’re keeping it simple with our mWOD’s for the next couple weeks. We want you to start ‘training’ your brain to correlate movement to mobility prep.  The WOD calls for cleans, and front squats. So today’s mWOD is the Front Rack mWOD:

Front Rack mWOD:

PVC external rotations: (these are NOT shoulder dislocates)

Stretch Band external rotation: (start at 3:30)

  • please pay attention to the location of the band (it’s between your hand and your ear)
  • use opposite hand  to pull elbow into ear
  • side-step towards the shoulder not being mobilized

Stretch band elbow behind ear: (start at 3:55)

  • goal is to get your elbow to go behind your ear
  • you’ll notice the band is attached to a stationary object at waist level. If you’re not near the pull-up rig, you can simply loop the stretch band on your foot (same side). Just step on the band and then wind up your shoulder