140416 Mobility WOD

Today’s WOD has a lot going on. This is more of a player’s choice between all three of our core mWODs. Since we’ve already covered 2 of them this week, we’ll follow the same theme and keep it simple. Work the Over Head mWOD for the workout today:

The Over Head mWOD is:

Banded external rotation distraction (start video at 2:20)

  • extremely important to wind up your wrist in external rotation BEFORE you stretch

Banded anterior chest stretch (start video at 1:50)

Banded shoulder distraction (sorry no video)

  • wrap wrist in jump stretch band
  • pull tension on the band
  • step away from pull up rig
  • while tension maintained in the band (it will feel like the band is pulling your arm out of its socket)- lie down in a prone position with chest and stomach flat on floor

By all means if you have the prep time be sure to cover the Front Rack mWOD and the Squat mWOD. You can benefit from all three mWOD’s for today’s workout.