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To our CrossFit FBO members:

Great news! We are installing the BoxCommand full-enterprise system at our box!

BoxCommand will provide you with all kinds of tools to make managing and tracking your workouts simple and fun! You will get both a CrossFit FBO web site portal and a mobile app for your phone. Use either or both to RSVP for classes, enter/track your scores, manage your PRs, graph your performance and more! The mobile app is fully integrated with the rest of the enterprise system — for example, as soon as you enter your score into the mobile app on your phone, you will see it pop up on the big, wall-mounted monitor in the gym. Neat stuff!

To help us complete this process and make the transition as smooth as possible, please follow the instructions below:

1.- Go to our website and click on the new Sign-up/Login and fill out the sign-up information. We’ve turned off the payment processing for these sign-up screens for the next few days, so when it asks you for your payment information, it is only so that the BoxCommand system will be able to process your payment later on your regular payment date. Please make certain that you select the same membership level that you are currently enrolled under.

2.- IMPORTANT: The sign-up should not happen between Midnight and 2:30 AM CDT.

3.- Upon completion, BoxCommand will provide instructions for accessing your web portal and also for downloading and installing your mobile app.

Please complete this process within the next 5 days to receive your mobile app for free (we will be turning the sign-up payment processing back on at that time).


Jeff Gibbens
CrossFit FBO Owner