140211 Mobility WOD

Keepin’ it clean folks. Clean as in barbell, not Clean as in housekeeping. Although we’re gonna do some ‘housekeeping’ with the front rack position of our barbell Cleans today.

Today’s mission: CLEAN up your ridiculously tight wrists. We’re going to take the front rack position one piece at a time starting at the barbell and moving along your arm all the way to your shoulders and thoracic spine. Today is all about your junky wrists.

Anyone have a problem holding onto the bar in the front rack? Don’t be this guy:

No one should be ‘clawing’ the bar in the front rack position. At its worst, you might have your pinky slip out. There will be no clawing. Unless you have some pre-disposing injury that limits your motion – clawing is not acceptable.

If you’re doing that funky chicken hold with your barbell, you more than likely have multiple mobility issues. Today I want you to work on your wrists. Get the wrists a lil’ more mobile and you’d be amaze how much more comfortable that front rack position really can be.

Watch the following video. For today’s mWOD you can focus on min 5:40-7:00 specifically (but by all means watch the full video for some additional content).

He goes over two exercises to help with wrist extension. One without the band, and one with. If you missed the mob (short for mobility) without the band here’s a picture that simulates it. I want you to mobilize one wrist at at time (not both at the same time):


I want you to do both mobility exercises (band and without band). Take a lil’ over a min for each wrist with each exercise for a total of 5 min working on wrist mobility.

These are both passive stretches, so go slow. Use your body weight to help move your entire arm as a lever. Imagine your hand is glued to the floor. Your wrist is the door hinge and your arm is the door. I want you to oscillate the ‘door’ forward and backward. Don’t force your wrist into a painful position. You should feel a tight stretch, but not sharp knife-like pain.


All images courtesy of Google