140213 Mobility WOD

Elbows. More Elbows.

I told ya this joint deserved some attention. Today’s mWOD is all about the common triceps tendon on the back of your upper arm. Queue the video:

Grab a barbell. Place it on one of the racks and roll out the back of your arm close to your elbow. Mobilize with your elbow straight and then with your elbow bend. In face roll out that part of your arm while flexing and extending your elbow.

As you noticed Diane Fu did the comparison test. She mobilized on arm and then compared it to the non-mobilized arm. I think we just did this very same thing yesterday? This will be a staple to our mobility work. The comparison test as well as the ‘test, re-test’ concept.

Spend at the very least 1 min, ideally 2 minutes on each arm.

If you’ve never done this before, it may hurt a bit. Heck, don’t be surprised if it hurts a lot. That pain is just a sign of how matted down and junky your triceps tendon really is. Work it out peeps, work it out.