140327 Mobility WOD


Working on the corners of the ankles today. Achieving the ‘below parallel’ position includes sitting in the bottom of the squat. The bottom of the squat we want our heels in constant contact with the ground. Many times you’ll hear the coaching staff give you the ‘heels’ queue every so often because your heels are raising up off of the ground during your descent into the bottom position.

One of the many reasons for this is tight ankles, and more specifically a tight heel cord. Watch the following demo:

While I know we don’t have enough equipment for everyone to try the mob with the lacross ball, I want everyone to work on ankle dorsiflexion by spending some quality time in the bottom squat position. Work the knee in all directions and lean in and out of the squat trying to achieve a better ankle angle.

Of course the last exercise demo’ed in the video we’ve practiced before. So be sure to pick 2 if not all 3 of these exercise today. A tight ankle is an unhappy ankle.

Anyone else agree with the burpee / thruster / clean prediction for 14.5??